Photography Tours

Jerusalem Old and New

The tour will start with Jerusalem's Supreme Court building, an architectural master- piece. The participants will be able to photograph both the exterior and the interior of the building.

The tour will continue up Bezalel street through the "Nachlaot" group of small residen- tial quarters. Built in the latter half of the nineteenth century most of the original build- ings still exist although a substantial renewal program has rejuvenated the buildings, alleys and courtyards. You will explore the many small quarters each with it's own fas- cinating history and character.

The tour will continue winding up to Jerusalem's famous Machane Yehuda market, a visual (as well as a culinary) treat. The market is filled with food stalls of all types as well as boutiques selling everything from jewelry to designer clothes. Jerusalem's spe- cial and unique population mix can be seen to it's fullest in the market. We will take a break and eat in one of the many small but excellent restaurants or kiosks.

The tour will end in downtown Jerusalem at the corner of King George and Agripas

A Religious Cocktail

The tour will start in Jerusalem's famous Ultra Orthodox Jewish neighbourhood of Geu- la. Populated by ultra Orthodox Jews, it's stores catering to the local population as well as the thriving tourist trade, are a gold mine of visual treats.

The tour will go to the Damascus Gate and on through the Old City's Moslem quarter. It's markets are renown for foodstufs, oriental bazaars, souvenirs and it's rich merchan- dise serving tourists from nearly every country on earth. Photographing buildings that are between hundreds and thousands of years old and walking streets where Jesus and he Jewish High preists, not to mention Crusaders and Turks once walked, will be a truly exhilirating and spiritul experience.

The tour will end at the Western Wall.

Jerusalem at Night

A photographic tour of Jerusalem at night starting with Jerusalem's YMCA building, a blend of classic European and Oriental architechture, continuing to a special vantage point overlooking the Tower of David and the Old City walls.

Then we will continue past the David's Citadel hotel to the centre of Jerusalem's night life in the Nachalat Shiva quarter. This is the first residential quarter to be built outside the Old City walls. Now a blend of restaurants, shops and trendy bars.

The tour will end at Zion Square.

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