Jamie Shear Scribe

Jamie Shear Scribe at the Cardo


In the Cardo of Jerusalem is the workshop of the scribe Jamie Shear. It is a small room mostly occupied by Jamie himself, sharing the place with his tools, pens, ink-pots and parchments in different sizes. Jamie invites visitors and tourists to his workshop and readily explains what he does and why it is  important to him.

Jamie Shear was born in Montreal, Canada, living in the last decades in Israel. At the age of fourteen, he went to Israel for the first time and he instantly fell in love with the land, people, language and culture.
During the years Jamie’s commitment to Torah study and passion for Hebrew lettering grew.   Jamie aspired to write a Torah scroll and for the years to follow, Jamie would spend much of his free time practicing the letterforms and reviewing the laws in preparation for the certification examination from the organization, Va’ad Mishmeret STaM.

Since then  Jamie has written scores of Mezuzot, Tefillin, Megillot and Ketubot and  he has completed eight Torah scrolls. His art is appreciated in Israel and all around the World

I recommend you to visit there




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