Israel is a small, diverse and picturesque country jam-packed with various landscapes, cultures and religions. The modern state may be just 70 years old, but its story began thousands of years ago. Visitors exploring archaeological sites, fortresses and ruins across the country and discover layer upon layer of history through the ages. It is a land of deep significance to Jews, Christians, Muslims and many others who live and worship in their own way.

The best way to explore the contry is with an Israeli private tour guide. This is ideal for businessmen, couples, families, and small group of friends. A guided tour is focused on your interests and managed according to your preferences. It is more flexible and efficient than any other travelling option, you will just see more.

I am a licensed Israeli private tour guide having a special permit to drive an "Eshkol Car" i.e. a vehicle designated for tourist transport. I offer tailor made private tours in Israel being your own expert tour guide and driver. From the moment of your arrival to the Ben Gurion airport until the departure I am at your service. I take you to your accommodation and to every site and location. A private tour means that you travel according to your own itinerary created on your specific guidelines and interests. For transportation I offer vehicles of various sizes: comfortable air-conditioned sedans and vans suitable for 1 to 8 passengers.

I do not sell ready-made packages. The itinerary of a guided tour is put together in full consultation with you taking into consideration the age, the fitness, the religion and any special interests of the participants and also other relevant circumstances.

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  • Our tour guide, Dan guided us with his joy and humor through the Holy Land. We are really grateful to him    
    Csaba H.
    Visited with a pilgrim group in November 2019
  • Dan Diamant is the best tour guide I have met so far. He is well-prepared and very professional. During a free program as people was walking around suddenly he emerged and after having seen that everything was all right he left us to enjoy the place. I had a feeling like he was invisibly all the time beside me, with a group of more than fifty members! Thank You!    
    Feri Tóth
    Visited with a pilgrim group in November 2019
  • During our vacation in Turkey we had a sudden impulse of flying to a one-day tour to Israel. We had no idea what can we see in one day at the Holy Land. Our guide, Dan Diamant, succeeded in this mission impossible, he gave us a comprehensive insight of the country of the diverse cultural and religious aspects and also of the everyday life of the people. We visited a number of beautiful places: Bethlehem, Jordan River, Dead Sea, Jerusalem. We had a wonderful experience that we will remember in our whole life. Thank You, Dan  
    Orsolya F.
    Visited in August, 2019
  • We spent a beautiful day with Dan. He is excellent both as a guide and as a driver. He is informed, flexible and helpful. Our path was as follows: Tel Aviv - Qasr El Yehud - Ein Gedi - Qumran - Dead Sea beach- Tel Aviv. For a nice day full of experiences look for Dan!  
    Ica G.
    Visited in July 2019
  • Dan is an excellent tour guide. He entertained us both with his comprehensive knowledge and everyday curiosities with his kind and amiable personality. He is always punctual, has a good sense of humour and takes care of all the needs of the group. He is a super tour guide and also a super driver. Thank You Dan  
    Márta H.
    Visited in May, 2019
  • We had a great time with Dan in Jerusalem this March. He was extremly knowledagble about cultural as well as historical references. We spent an entire day together and he walked us through the main sites in the city. He was one of the best tour guides ever we had the chance to meet.
    Emese D
    Visited on March, 2019
  • Dan is a friendly, well prepared tour guide who is very kind and patient with children
    Anton Kovach & family
    Visited in February, 2019
  • Thank you for showing us the wonders of Jerusalem  
    Szapár family
    Visited in August 2018
  • Thank You for showing us around in Jerusalem. We have seen a lot. Dan is kind of  a guide everyone would like to have. We had an awesome experience that we will never forget. Thanks again.  
    Bence M.
    Visited in August 2018
  • Dan is a fantastic tour guide. Well prepared. We made tours with him several times, me my friends and colleagues. I would recommend to everyone.  
    Margit D.
    Tours during 2018
  • Dear Dan Our thanks and gratitude for guiding our pilgrim group.
    Pilgrim group from Transylvania
    March, 2018
  • I remember the days we spent in Israel with a very positive feeling . Thank you for the outstanding, enjoyable and interesting, tour guide work.
    Mária F.
    Visited Apr. 2017
  • ...We would like to thank you now, for the wonderful guiding and for the immense knowledge you strove to pass to us every day. Hoping we will meet somewhere, someday..."

    Hedvig N.
    Visited September, 2017
  • Dear Dan Thank you for showing and explaining us all the beautiful sites in Israel and for having your ongoing attention of the group.   I can hardly comprehend the huge amount of information we received from Dan yet, but I believe I will remember it forever.   The four days of our trip were fantastic! Thank You,
    Lajos L.
    Visited March 2015
  • If you are looking for a really meaningful and enlightening tour in Israel then I recommend having Dan Diamant as a tour guide.
    Though we had prepared and had read a lot before, the amount of knowledge we got from him during our six-day visit was absolutely impressive.
    I still surprise my friends with the information I had got from Dan about the natural, historical and cultural sites of Israel. Dan takes care personally to every member of the group. He knows the time for detailed explanations and also the time for letting the visitor wandering in the sights charmed by the experience.
    Unfortunately we had only six days but we are looking forward to travel to Israel again with the guidance of Dan.
    Georges B.
    Visited May 2015
  • During our visit in the Holyland we had a fantastic time with our tour gude, Dan,. We heard and learnt a lot. Besides the clear explantions of the sights Dan also told us about many interesting aspects of the Israeli history, culture Kashrut and Jewish Holidays. Thanks a lot.
    Sylvia K
    Visited July 2016
  • Dan is a very knowledgeable, kind and patient tour guide. If you wish you had a historical background its sights but you don't, go with Dan!
    Visited September, 2014